A Poem A Day 01

The summer heat reigns supreme

And I can’t help but wish for a dream

To come alive

And continue to fuel my drive

To face the world anew each day

With my spirit intact no matter what they say

I cannot help but continue to wish for a dream

One day I really hope to gleam

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel

I pray let it not be just a flickering candle


Monday Blues?

Okay, so maybe it’s only the first few lines of the song that fit today, but I can’t help reflecting on the idea of finding your way back home.

What is home? Where is it? It is the family that might always be around, but hardly knows you? It is the friends who knows you and accept you into their fold, but could also easily alienate you when you end up making a huge mistake? It is that special someone who sticks around, but you always end up paranoid someone will steal away someday?

So what is home? Because it definitely seems like home is where trust is the fee to get in and the risks of heartbreak is the greatest. But either way, I guess we all would gladly take that risk than be left out in the cold.

Demi Lovato is a source of inspiration

There’s more reason to be a fan than a hater when someone who had fallen so low rises up again and inspires others to do the same. The world does not end when you fall. Its just a bad chapter of your life has come to an end, and a new volume to the book called your life is started with the struggles as its prologue and the way you triumph despite everything its ending.

When I started this blog, I didn’t really know what I want to do with it. Do I want to be just like all the other bloggers around that blog about their life, the events they go to, the products they endorse, hold contests, create their own following, earn from it… I think you can pretty much guess how the rest of that sentence will panned out. I’ve only had the chance to view the video of Skyscraper today, but I’m very much aware that it won as Choice Summer Song, and Demi Lovato as Acuvue Inspires Award at the recently concluded Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards 2011. It reminds me why I wanted an online platform to begin with. Sure, I want to earn like anybody else, but more than that, I want to inspire others to open their minds.

As sad as it is, the world isn’t as open-minded as it believes itself to be. They find pleasure in putting others down in order to feel good about themselves, hiding their own personal pain, jealousy, envy, anger and lashing out at people who they consider to be lucky, without realizing that person might actually turn out to be a kindred spirit. Bullying isn’t just the concern of an individual or institution. It is not just limited to a school, an organization, or even at the workplace. It exists all over the place. It exists when someone aggressively tries to exert his supposed authority on another person. Terrorism in this essence is just an escalated form of bullying.

The funny thing about bullies, they use whatever force they have at their disposal thinking that force would inspire fear in others, and this would render them untouchable, and therefore their secrets kept under wraps. But it certainly doesn’t make them impenetrable, it just made them desperate for acceptance with similar individuals, forming alliances without any real connection. In fact, they themselves are the victims of their own bullish behavior, although repercussions might be long in coming.

One thing people should remember, they are not what people make them out to be. They only become the people say they are when they failed to realize that they are an individual and not part of the whole. They are capable of independent thought, of untapped inner strength and potential they have yet to discover and their detractors or haters have no clue to. You are not just an invisible blimp in the vast world. You are capable of great things, may they be on a small scale or the world stage. No one started great, they worked their way and dedicated their heart to the cause. Take heed and stand up proud, even if the world you found yourself in sees you as a scapegoat, because the world needs individual voices seeking to be heard above the din of people clamoring for acceptance. The world needs people like Demi who openly shares her pain and in turn heals and inspire others to believe in themselves and stand up after every fall. You may think that I’m just a crazy fan, but the truth is, I’ve been there, survived that, but I never shared the pain as Demi has done, and for that, my hats off to her.

Barbie and Ken Finally Married

It may no longer be June and the wedding month had basically passed, there’s something compelling about weddings of iconic characters that make you just want to¬† go out there and share it to the world. For over 50 years, Barbie existed in the world, and about 20 years after, Ken was born. But in all history, despite the many wedding dresses and suits that the company had produced to sell their product, the couple was never married, or at least done a wedding pictorial that literally showcase them as a married couple. Come to think of it, they never had dolls made of their children, just Barbie’s nieces. So who knows, if the people at Mattel sees this, maybe they’ll create a Barbie and Ken family collection complete with a family home and not just a Barbie playhouse. It would probably revolutionize the dollhouse as we know it!

Pinoy Blogfest 2.0 – Inspiring

I’m not much of a blogger, but I definitely enjoyed attending this year’s Pinoy Blogfest held at Trinoma Activity Center last Friday, August 5, 2011. Of course, the usual sponsors are there such as Gadgets and Coca-Cola, and a few more sponsors such as Canon, ASUS, Pony, Teletech, Archos, Seinheiser, JBL, BENQ, Neo, and Western Digital, with Business Mirror and Manila Bulletin as official media partner.

Teletech kicked off the event introducing the BPO industry and it was quite informative and can even make me consider jumping ship to join the BPO industry. It also shed some light regarding crisis management for online brands and they successfully reiterated the importance of social networking in today’s modern business.

Gadgets magazine definitely knows how to maximize their sponsor spot as they give us useful tips on protecting our gadgets and being a smart shopper in the techie world. And Canon wowed the crowd with what the current breed of DSLR models can do.

I skipped the Health talk and showed up in time for the night cocktail catered by Conti’s and I was pretty much in pastry heaven. The talks were also interesting, as they reiterate the importance of bloggers in our going digital life as each and everyone in a way writes part of history – in other words, we are our own digital historian. They influence and call on others for change, and that is not an easy feat to do.

Coca-Cola finally gave their talk, and I have to say I am quite impressed with their dedication to corporate social responsibility and I definitely want to salute them most especially for the Little Red Schoolhouse.

Watch out for The Voice

If you’re a huge fan of singing and reality TV, then you’ll definitely better mark your calendar for the newest and freshest singing competition in town!

If I’m to judge by the launch of this show held last July 22 at the AIMS Conference Hall, it’s definitely something I wish my cable provider has on its line up because I’m missing a great show, not to mention an actual reality TV that cares more about your voice than the way you look.

Don’t forget to check it out only on AXN on August 21 @ 8pm!

Casey Anthony found not guilty? Say what?!?!

For the full news story, refer to this link: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/casey-anthony-found-not-guilty-daughters-murder-011307290.html

I’ve followed this case awhile back since I first heard about it. Unfortunately, I got too busy last year to check up on the status of this case. So you can definitely imagine my shock to find out that the woman who had hidden the disappearance of her child for a month before telling anyone about it isn’t found guilty of the crime.

A brief overview of the case: 2-year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing a month after her disappearance. The then 21-year old Casey Anthony claimed that her child was kidnapped by the nanny she hired. Further investigation to that angle was revealed to be fabricated with a civil suit filed against her for defamation of character of the suspected nanny. Cell sites record showed Casey’s whereabouts on the original date of Caylee’s disappearance, debunking her alibi. Her boyfriend had also thrown out her alibi. It also didn’t help her case any when they found the car she was using to be filled with the smell of decay. Chloroform research on the family desktop CPU weeks before the disappearance was pretty incriminating, as well as the heart sticker stuck to the duct tape found on the child’s remains found six months after her disappearance. Casey had also committed theft against a friend who had let her use her car while she went on vacation, losing $300 in the process. Casey further fostered relationships with fellow inmates, molding her personality to fit the person’s ideal. Furthermore, she had also filed a suit against her dad while in prison citing sexual abuse, which George Anthony vehemently denied.

Yet despite the overwhelming evidence citing Casey’s habit of lying, the 11-man jury still found her not guilty? Honestly, even the bondsman who had thought she was innocent at first changed his tune after the many lies she had told. What could they be thinking for 11 hours inside the deliberation room to find this pathological liar innocent of first-degree murder?

E! TV Launch

Please don’t ask me for pics because I don’t carry a camera around with me. I rarely bring my camera with me. I guess you can just stick around for my thoughts about it or whatnot.

The E! TV official happened just last night at The Establishment, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City. Invites are few as the venue isn’t that big at all, so bear with me as I try to break down what I saw, I heard, and what I taste.

VENUE: Since I’m not really big on the bar scene, I was definitely impressed with The Establishment’s interior. If you’re familiar with the Fort Strip, you’d automatically exclaim that the area previously housed the Members Only bar. One thing is for sure, the place looked way different from the library style I remember. It’s definitely more spacious now, more modern with its walls of abstract black/mirrors, while still retaining the plush, comfy and intimate vibe through its choices in furniture. I’m not really sure what they call those chairs, but the black suede definitely make it sexy and elegant all at the same time. I definitely loved the mirror walls and acrylic accessories in the bathroom, but I have to wonder what the acrylic stools on the cubicles for.

FOOD: Well, they do have quite a list available, unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of people mingling around, we didn’t really get a chance to sample everything. But I definitely loved the Blue Corn Tortilla, because contrary to my first assumption, they make their own chips. The Asian Beef Tortilitas are also quite nice, and the Chicken with sweet-spicy sauce was definitely interesting. I’m not a fan of bell peppers, but their Vegetarian Pizzas can probably change my mind on it if I had the opportunity to taste more. But throughout the night, we were definitely treated to the different , flavors offered by Gelatissimo, and I have to say, raspberry is pretty tangy, mango is a revelation, and the chocolate with nuts adds the right amount of crunchy to an evening of pretty soft offerings. Glam o Mamas’ cotton candy was an interesting way to start or the end the night with. The Establishment definitely had a lot of drinks to offer for the night, from the bar staples beers and liquors, to the house-blend iced tea and alcohol-free fruit juices and sodas.

EVENT: Like most launch events, the program doesn’t really start at the time stated on the invites. The E! TV launch actually took place about an hour and a half into the evening with the Asian correspondent whose name I can’t remember at the moment, flanked by Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heusaff. They kicked it off by calling the Philippine’s no. 1 E! fan to the stage and presenting her with her prize of a trip to the US! The channel director for E! was definitely overwhelmed with the warm welcome and she definitely set the tone for what to expect with a short presentation featuring some of the stars of their regular shows welcoming the Philippines to the E! TV family. The wow-factor of the evening has to be the champagne angel who served Moet champagne upside down! Now, if I actually do drink alcohol, I might have ended up as one of the guests who came up close and personal with this exquisitely flexible woman… but since I don’t, I have to contend with watching. Most of the evening was really all about mingling, but it definitely didn’t hurt to pop in on the MAC booth for a makeover. I ended up walking away with smoky eyes that makes my chinky eyes look big, and the browns of my irises to stand out. Raffle prizes were also part of the highlight of the evening with MAC gift packs, a Nokia phone, P 25,000 worth of GCs from Bench, and the grand prize of a trip for two to Singapore complete a Universal Studios tour.

CONCLUSION: The E! TV Launch was pretty much a success. It’s like bringing Hollywood closer to our shores and if you’re one of the lucky people who have Skycable, don’t forget to check it out on Channel 57!

Greentennial Fun Run!

Last May 22 was the Greentennial Fun Run hosted by DLSU along with its sponsors. It was pretty much packed with a lot of participants including the NBI and the Marines for that matter, and they did a pretty job organizing it.

It was actually considered one of the easiest fun runs as the course is pretty much level, as it was held at the Aseana City in Macapagal Avenue. It wasn’t my first run, but it was definitely a better memory than my first since I didn’t end up experiencing the need to throw up on the course. I’m not an enthusiast nor am I a regular runner, but I can pretty much be proud that I finished it around 31 mins, 5 mins faster than my first one, and I kinda brisk walked my way up until the last leg. So that for me is an achievement.

And I did get to walk away with a sweet trinket:

Ice Cream Party

Okay, this is a bit late already, but still worth sharing.

Last May 21, I had the opportunity to join more than 500 people in one of SM MOA’s open parking areas for Selecta’s Ice Cream Land and literally was an Ice Cream Land.

For only P 50, you gain entrance to the venue plus a scoop of their newest offering – Selecta Super Thick Ice Cream! The venue felt pretty much a street fair with it’s clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers and balloon masters. But I didn’t waste my time visiting the booths right away. The target for the day for all ice cream lovers is the ice cream buffet!

Set on a large tent in the middle of the field, it has been set up with 500 chairs for the participants, hence the rush to register. And we’re quite fortunate enough to make it to the first 500! A shirt and a slot to eat ice cream till I literally pop is definitely something worth talking about.

To pass the time while waiting for the bowls of ice cream to be served, I checked some of the booths around and try some of the games. You get ice cream for prizes and since I’m dying to try the Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream, I got in line at it’s memory game booth and walked away with my prize in hand. Yum!

Balloon creations were definitely eye-catching and since the buffet party has yet to start, you can pretty much guess where my next stop was!

The hour of glorious heaven of a buffet in the hot summer weather approached finally withe arrival of it’s endorsers – Villaroel-Legazpi clan and the eating commence. Unfortunately, due to eating a bunch of scoops earlier, I had to bow out after two bowls of ice cream.

Despite having to leave early, it was pretty fun and I did get to walk away with a free shirt and this adorable balloon creation!